ATU twelve // Dirty Martini


To kick things off in 2014, we are once again taking over Dirty Martini at Hanover Square in London, this time I have booked us The Tunnel which is at the other end of the bar, so don’t get lost!

The date is Wednesday 29th January and we have the space booked from 6.30pm onwards, I have also managed to get us free wifi so we can tweet and chat! The famous Dirty Martini happy hour runs until midnight throughout January so do try and work your way through their excellent cocktail menu!

For the uninitiated the social AutoTweetUp events have no particular format, it is juts a chance to chat and network. If you are interested in attending or want to know more please tweet me at @autotweetup or @thetimhutton so i can add you to the list.

See you there!

The List:
01 @thetimhutton

02 @keithwrjones

03 @tradizione

04 @83ste

05 @joshsross

06 @TheCarGuru

07 @alexgrantuk

08 @SBarryP

09 @hayley_turner

10 @massimopini

11 @ishoot_cars

12 @popbangcolour

13 @thelotusforums

14 @HeadBoltz

15 @hannahburgess_

16 @JohnMarcar

17 @garagedcom

18 @AliMaynard

19 @classicgt

20 @TheBoyEL

21 @ChrisCarsGreen

22 @wheelworldrevu

23 @Our_Tim

24 @KrzysRygielski

25 @PiersCooper

26 @AdamWilkins_

27 @Chris_Pickering

28 @judakoff


30 @pixelthing

31 @_dj_ninja

32 @regentsracing

33 @CarbonOllie

34 @simonjessop

35 @HMSMotorsport

36 @Kate_Woodley

37 @DCassey

38 @Matt_201

39 @AndrewPCBarratt

40 @UK_PCS

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