ATU thirteen // The Grasshopper

Finally another date is set. We are meeting at The Grasshopper in Westerham, Kent, just off the M25. I’m not allowed to call it a car meet as it will cost me £100. So put the date of 7pm Thursday May 1st in the diary and bring along your pride and joy. If the event does grow to more than 30 cars I might have to take a few pounds each off people to cover the pubs fees. They have a lovely big car park and a bar and food! Perfect! I think to keep out of trouble lets say that we will meet at the furthest end of the car park away from the pub, then people can head to the pub for food and drink at their leisure.

01: @thetimhutton

02: @DanniBagnall

03: @TheCarGuru

04: @83ste

05: @Chris_Pickering

06: @keithwrjones

07: @HeadBoltz

08: @toyotaPR

09: @popbangcolour

10: @nickzeasmith

11: @scrof

12: @polodrivercom

13: @joshsross

14: @Photos_KP

15: @theboyel

16: @PeterGriffithss

17: @johnmarcar

18: @RebeccaRacer

19: @thetomlangan

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