ATU sixteen // Dirty Martini


It’s time for some drinks AutoTweetUppers and a long overdue catch up on what has been a great summer of car stuff. The AutoTweetUp events have continued to go from strength to strength and it’s time to celebrate. AutoTweetUps are great for putting faces to Twitter handles and everyone who comes along is always happy to chat cars, writing and social media with new friends. It is of course also great for networking and making contacts as well as getting advice.

So, continuing our relationship with the excellent Dirty Martini we have been given some space in their brand new St Paul’s location that hasn’t even opened yet! Check out the details and location of Dirty Martini at St Paul’s in London.

The date is Wednesday 26th November and we have the space booked from 6.00pm onwards. The famous Dirty Martini happy hour always runs late so do try and work your way through their excellent cocktail menu! We have an area reserved for 40, but lets try to squeeze as many people in as possible, there’s a 400 person capacity!

For the uninitiated, AutoTweetUp events have no particular format, it is juts a chance to chat and network. If you are interested in attending or want to know more please tweet me at @autotweetup or @thetimhutton so i can add you to the list. There will be name stickers to pop on, but it’s your own choice.

See you there!

The List:
01 @thetimhutton

02 @DanniBagnall

03 @HMSMotorsport

04 @GarethDeanPR

05 @MrBartenderCo

06 @joshsross

07 @Our_Tim

08 @lottsGC

09 @NoBullComms

10 @fpcreative

11 Pete Hirst

12 @rindalobinson

13 @Kayleigh_L23
15 @Thatcargeek

16 @WallaceWoolly

17 @83ste

18 @TheBoyEL

19 @DCassey

20 @Matt_201

21 @alexgrantuk

22 @A1GOY


24 @classicgt

25 @johnmarcar

26 @au_tom_otive

27 @uygarr

28 @thetomlangan

29 @TheCarGuru

30 @MilesPerLitre

31 @HeadBoltz

32 @TheAndrewBrady

33 @evoAntony

34 @PeterGriffithss

35 @denialvibes

36 @lizzieisherwood

37 @Judakoff

38 @FrontSeatPhil

39 @Jim_Pople

40 @torquespeak

41 @Matt7208

42 @iShoot_cars

43 @drewstearne

44 @SeriousGrim

45 @AM_Payne

46 @AliMaynard

47 @NissanUKPR

48 @theburgeword

49 @T_A_Berry

50 @Charlottelph

51 @alexmyers

52 @will_mcmanus

53 @sbmktg

54 @sbmktg

55 @CatDow

56 @niikattard

57 @VNewlands

58 @stephenk22

59 @DanStrongUK

60 @sjm298

61 Alex E

62 Rob H

63 Becky S

64 Sychelle W

65 Isobel L

66 Harriet S

67 @amysplat

68 @NCaplin_PhD

69 @JFong8000

70 @hayley_turner

71 @keithwrjones

72 @CarbonOllie

73 @sashaal

74 Nick Payne

75 @hannahburgess_

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