ATU eleven // Heritage Motor Centre


It’s nearly Christmas and time to celebrate another great year of motoring and making new friends. With the help of the über-hard-working Ian Cook we have put together a great package for you all at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon on Saturday 14 December.
Kicking off at 10.00am (nice chance for a dawn raid for some of you!) We’ll be greeted with tea and coffee on arrival and then have access to the museum. There’s also the opportunity to have a ride on the Land Rover Experience* PLUS a two course meal!

All this would normally cost over £30, but we have a special #AutoTweetUp price of £10.50 to be paid on the day!

On the day Ian Cook will also be offering a festive discount on his fantastic PopBangColour prints. Prints normally £25 are just £10 which is a really great offer exclusive to AutoTweetUp attendees on the day.

We have invited manufacturers to come along so hopefully there will also be some cool cars in the car park for us to look around and photograph.
*Land Rover Experience: We only have 16 spaces booked for this at the moment, so first come first served on the day and the first ride is at 10.20. Four people per car so be punctual!

On top of all that we are hoping to have a few prizes to be won on the day too. If you want to come along tweet me at @autotweetup I will add you to the list:
01 @thetimhutton

02 @popbangcolour

03 @brightvic

04 @johnmarcar

05 @drivingspirit

06 @robertovery

07 @robertovery (wife)

08 @keithwrjones

09 @83ste

10 @PeterGriffithss

11 @scrof

12 @tombegley

13 @John_Slavin

14 @Lucie_911

15 @TheAndrewBrady

16 @TheNeverReady

17 @antonyingram

18 @car_witter

19 @ChelseaCarClub

20 @ChelseaCarClub (friend)

21 @joshsross

22 @tradizione

23 @tradizione Junior!

24 @tradizione Junior!

25 @stephenk22

26 @Juliette024

27 @SlickAttire

28 @AlanJODonovan

29 @AlanJODonovan (friend)

30 @James___UK

31 @SearleyMoto

32 @HeadBoltz

33 @GTP_Famine

34 @lessismoremike

35 @hay_alexandra

36 @Our_Tim

37 @keithwrjones (youth 1)

38 @keithwrjones (youth 2)

39 @StradaleCorsa

40 @polodrivercom
41 @polodrivercom (friend)

42 @AndyMasson

43 @jonmusk

44 @Balloon_Fish

45 @jeckythump

46 @infomotiveUK

47 @infomotiveUK (youngster)

48 @therealmcv

49 @m_plewes

50 @nickzeasmith

51 @therealmcv

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