ATU 24 // Nov 3rd London


7pm November 3 // Sanctum Soho Roof Terrace, 20 Warwick Street, London, W1B 5NF

How long has it been? Once again, too long! That’s right, after a ridiculous amount of time AutoTweetUp is back. So lets celebrate all things automotive with a good old fashioned knees up. No name badges so pack your confidence, wallet and best smile for a evening of car chat, networking, laughs and possibly some drinking. Location is here: booked under the name AutoTweetUp.

These are the lovely people you will get to talk to:

01 Tim Hutton @thetimhutton
02 Alex Goy @A1Goy
03 John Marcar @JohnMarcar
04 Daniel Bevis @denialvibes
05 Peter Griffiths @PeterGriffithss
06 Alan Bradley @ajpbradley
07 Stephen Errity @83ste
08 Thomas Brimblcombe @classicgt
09 Darren Cassey @DCassey
10 Chris Pollitt @ThePollitt
11 Matt Robinson @Matt_201
12 Ian Cook @popbangcolour
13 Eliott Farr @TheBoyEl
14 Keith WR Jones @keithwrjones
15 Emma Sutherland @creditplus_uk
16 Jack Clarke @creditplus_uk
17 Ed Callow @torquespeak
18 Tom Callow @au_tom_otive
19 Tim Rodie @timrodie
20 Tom Webster @TCRWebster
21 Gareth Dean @GarethDeanPR
22 Jas Halsey @JasHalsey
23 Antony Ingram @evoAntony
24 Katherine Nebbitt @Kat_Elise1
25 Melissa Wicks @Mel_Wicks
26 Nick Bailey @nick_elan
27 Steve Carmen @Steve_Carman
28 No Bull @NobullComms
29 Shami Kalra @AutoPap
30 Tim Pitt @timpitt100
31 Andrew Brady @MR_AndrewBrady
32 Alexis @PrestigeDiesels
33 Tom Kent @tomkentuk
34 Uygar Kilic @uygarr
35 Andrew @CrackedW_Screen
36 Chris Pickering @Chris_Pickering
37 Adam Binnie @adambcars
38 James Lewis-Barned @jlewisbarned
39 Alex Lawrence @The_Whitewall
40 Nicol Caplin @NCaplin_PhD
41 Nick Hulin
42 James Duncan
43 Jamie Robinson
44 Jon Visscher @JonVisscher
45 Henry Wills @WineryHills

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