ATU 23 // April 20 The Miller


6.30pm April 20 // The Miller,96 Snowsfields, London Bridge, London SE1 3SS (map at the bottom)

How long has it been? Too long. That’s right, after a Christmas break AutoTweetUp is back. So lets kick things off with a good old fashioned knees up. We have picked The Miller near London Bridge because it’s big and the food and drink isn’t half bad. Meet at 6.30, no name badges so pack your confidence, wallet and best smile for a evening of car chat, networking, laughs and possibly some drinking. Although not too much if you plan to be at the GOMW Track Day the next day!

These are the lovely people you will get to talk to:

01 Tim Hutton @thetimhutton
02 Ashley Winston @TheCarGuru
03 Danielle Bagnall @DanniBagnall
04 Will McManus @will_mcmanus
05 Annabel Tatnall @tatbels
06 Chris Pickering @Chris_Pickering
07 Thomas Brimblecombe @ClassicGT
08 Stephen Hall @iShoot_cars
09 Tom Lynch @tlynchie
10 Chris Pollitt @ThePollitt
11 John Marcar @JohnMarcar
12 Eliott Farr @TheBoyEL
13 Jayson Fong @JFong8000
14 Stephen Errity @83ste
15 Tim Rodie @timrodie
16 Darren Cassey @DCassey
17 Matt Robinson @Matt_201
18 Al Campbell @Carsnip_Al
19 Alexis @PrestigeDiesels
20 Ian Cook @Popbangcolour
21 Rory Smith @RoryFHSmith
22 Melissa Wicks @Mel_Wicks
23 Tom Gidden @TGidden
24 Aaron Lloyd-Goodwin
25 Will @epixvideo
26 Uygar Kilic @uygarr
27 Tom Langham @mazda_uk
28 Jack Grover @Balloon_Fish
29 Rebecca Dart rebeccadart33
30 Hannah Burgess @hannahburgess_
31 Matt Sanger @usedcarmat
32 Mark Wright
33 Chris Hughes @ChrisHughe
34 Tim Watson @Our_Tim
35 Jim Pople @Jim_Pople
36 Joe Espinosa @josephespinosa
37 Sam Field TBC



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