ATU 19 // Dirty Martini 30 January


January always lands with a bit of a bump and there are a lot of unhappy faces on the daily commute, so what better reason to get together than another Dirty Martini AutoTweetUp. The AutoTweetUp events have continued to go from strength to strength and I am very keen to keep the pace up with events this year. If you haven’t been to one before AutoTweetUps are great for putting faces to Twitter handles and everyone who comes along is always happy to chat cars, writing and social media with new friends. It is of course also great for networking and making contacts as well as getting advice on the industry.

Once again we have teamed up with the excellent Dirty Martini who have given us the upstairs bar in their brand new St Paul’s location.

The date is Friday 30th January so it’s pay day for most and a Friday night, there really is no excuse to miss out. We have the space booked from 6.00pm onwards so get down early to tackle the martini menu, throughout January the famous Dirty Martini happy hour runs until 9pm! We have an area reserved for 50 so don’t miss out!

For the uninitiated, AutoTweetUp events have no particular format, it is juts a chance to chat and network. If you are interested in attending or want to know more please tweet me at @autotweetup or @thetimhutton so i can add you to the list. There will be name stickers to pop on, but it’s your own choice.

See you there!

The List:
01 Tim Hutton @thetimhutton
02 Hannah Burgess @hannahburgess_
03 Alex Goy @a1goy
04 Stephen Hall @ishoot_cars
05 Eve Rowley
06 Uygar Kilic @uygarr
08 Eliott Farr @TheBoyEL
09 Andrew Brady @mr_andrewbrady
10 Lauren Causer @LensVanityPhoto
11 Daniel Puddicombe @thatcargeek
12 Nick Bailey @elan_nick
13 Elliot Baddeley @lifeandengines
14 Denis Baddeley @sbmktg
15 Matt Surname @Matt7208
16 Alex Christou @alchristou
17 Stephen Errity @83ste
18 Tom Gidden @tgidden
19 Siobhan Eyres @siobhaneyres
20 Sarah Louise Wright @thewrightsarah
21 Stuart McKay @StuartMcKay723
22 John Marcar @JohnMarcar
23 Tim Joslyn @GetPatina
24 Emma Critchley @Emma_Motoriety
25 Gina Dann @georgidanni
26 Peter Vasey @tradizione
27 Guy Kilbey @Guy024
28 Juliette Kilbey @Juliette024
29 James Hayward @HMSMotorsport
30 Ian Cook @popbangcolour
31 Andrew Bayliss @baylissrally
32 Nathalie McGloin @nathaliemcgloin
33 Russell Grover @RussellGrover10
34 Tim Rodie @timrodie
35 Sarah Bourke @carwowuk
36 Stephen Kilbey @stephenk22
37 Donald Leahy @RallyLiveTV
38 Tom Long @RallyLiveTV +1
39 Peter Griffiths @PeterGriffithss
40 Fiona Finnegan @FionaF77
41 Sonia Dohil
42 Sychelle Walles
43 Sarah Wilkins
44 Louise Adam
45 Rob Howells
46 Alex English
47 Anna Bowers
48 Rachel Green


  1. Can I come to this please? It may mean I’ll need to bring Andrew Bayliss with me though. If that’s a problem, I could just leave him at home.

    Many thanks!

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